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Interpreters play an essential role in day-to-day communication with people from our multi-ethnic communities.  With their combined linguistic, intercultural and interpersonal skills, as well as their professional training and experience, interpreters provide an effective, impartial and confidential communication channel between speakers of different languages.  A professional interpreter will be neutral, able to translate technical terms and retain strict confidence, which a family member or friend may find difficult.


Our first-class interpreters deal with all manner of needs including:


ü                  Simultaneous Interpreting

ü                  Consecutive Interpreting

ü                  Escort Interpreting

ü                  Whispering Interpreting

ü                  Business

ü                  Conference interpreters

ü                  Business Meetings

ü                  Entertaining

ü                  Telephone and video conferencing

ü                  Negotiations

ü                  Public sector

ü                  Public service

ü                  Police

ü                  Courts

ü                  Immigration

ü                  Healthcare

ü                  Social services

We provide qualified, experienced and professional interpreters in the following languages:


ü                              Spanish

ü                              English

ü                              Chinese

ü                              French

ü                              German

ü                              Italian

ü                              Japanese

ü                              Korean

ü                              Portuguese


And much more...


Interpreting Equipment


We also supply Interpreting Equipment for conferences, meetings and conventions.


Frequently Asked Questions about Interpreting


What is interpretation?

Interpretation is the oral transmittal of a message from one language into another language. Lexus Translation Services provides accurate and complete first-person interpretation regardless of country of origin or level of education of the speaker. Our interpreters analyze the original message and select words that most accurately convey the true meaning of what is said.


What should I do to facilitate the interpretation?

Remember, to communicate with the Limited English Speaker, avoid slang, jargon, acronyms or technical terms that may not interpret well into other languages and cultures. As you would in any conversation, you may have to clarify points the Limited English Speaker doesn’t readily understand. If you need to clarify a point, ask the interpreter right away. All of our interpreters are trained to ask for clarification if you use a term they do not know.


What guarantee of confidentiality do I have?

All of our interpreters sign a confidentiality agreement and is bound by a strict Code of Ethics ensuring that all information pertaining to the work we do for you remains strictly confidential. Interpreters routinely destroy all notes.


Do you monitor Interpretation for quality?

Yes, we have a group of Quality Specialists who regularly monitor their work to ensure interpreter quality. They are bound by a strict Code of Ethics and are trained to focus on the performance of the interpreter, not the conversation.


Do you record calls?

No. However, you are free to record calls consistent with any legal stipulations.

Interpreters are becoming increasingly important. Our increasingly frequent dealings with the international market as well as a growing ethnic minority population at home means the services of an interpreter to overcome language barriers is crucial.


How do I book an Interpreter?

Simply call us to (56) 2-2390225 or contact us by e-mail, fax or Skype. We need to know when you need the interpreter, the language(s), the context they will be working in and of course where the assignment will take place.


What does an Interpreter do?

Interpreting usually takes one of four forms:

a) Consecutive interpreting: Here the interpreter listens to a section of speech then either summarizes it or relays the gist. This is more useful for one-to-one meetings and small groups.

b) Simultaneous interpreting: The interpreter attempts to relay the meaning in real time. Naturally there is a small delay while the interpreter processes information. This type of interpreting is used more in conferences and tele/video conferences. It should be kept in mind that the nature of this work requires specialist equipment if the client does not wish for 'whispering interpreting'. In addition, if you require this service for a whole day it will be necessary to source at least two interpreters due to the mental fatigue experienced by the work.

c) Whispering interpreting: Sometimes when it is only one person (at the most, two people) needing interpreting services at a conference, meeting, etc. the interpreter sits by the Client(s) in order to whisper simultaneously all information rendered at the same time.

d) Escort interpreting: When a client doing business in the country needs to visit assorted facilities, attend several meetings or go to plants and have conversations with many people it is proper to use this type of services. In such scenario the Interpreter goes along with the Client everywhere he goes for as long as he needs such services.


Tips we always advise customers to consider are:

a) Always be clear about why you are hiring an interpreter. Will they serve any purpose beyond straight language translation? You may need someone with a particular knowledge of an industry sector or you may need someone with negotiation skills.

b) Always give as much background information on the situation the interpreter will find themselves in. What outcomes do you expect? Are there any potential issues or problems such as difficult personalities or sensitive issues?

c) Plan ahead. When will you need the interpreter? Try and give both you and them time. If necessary you may want to meet with them first to discuss the day or meeting. Will they be needed for a whole day or week even?


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