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You can rely on our dedicated team of professionals to help maximize your success. Our fully qualified and highly experienced translators work in collaboration with our I.T. and design partners to ensure a seamless transition from conception to successful completion - whatever the deadline. With additional support from our committed project managers, who will keep you informed throughout, you can be sure that your translation project is in safe hands.

If your job is to trade globally and launch new products or services in foreign markets, Lexus Translation Services is the best tool to translate your content so your business can reach more clients abroad.

Our Company offers a full range of translation, localization and multilingual DTP services over multiple fields. We also offer voice talent and subtitling services with a great capacity to adapt your documentation, advertisements, brochures, software, websites into any language you require, so that you can…


ü      Attract new sales,

ü      Expand your business,

ü      Communicate better worldwide.

Ask us how Lexus Translation Services can help your business succeed abroad.


Did you know that translation services increase sales conversion?


ü      Businesses are three times as likely to buy when addressed in their native language

ü      Customer service costs drop when instructions are shown in the user’s native language

ü      Visitors stay twice as long on websites with content in their native tongues

ü      High quality translations enhance your company’s brand image while low quality translations do more harm to a brand’s image than no translation at all

ü      Translation Memory tools help reduce translation costs by up to 70%

           (data by Forrester Research)


That is why Lexus Translation Services generate new sales potential for our clients paving the way for effective product launch, raising revenue and expanding your market share.

Put Lexus Translation Services to work for you on your next translation project. 

An available network of over 1000 verified translators, including ca. 100 in-house specialists

A 2-step Quality Assurance check (ISO based) ensuring you receive error-free work

Fluid communication and fast responses to all your questions

Cost-effective translation methods; use of Translation Memory tools that help reduce your translation costs by up to 70% all done in-house at competitive rates and delivered following ISO quality standards.

So, if you have a translation project and are looking for a dependable translation company to adapt your materials then contact us and have Lexus Translation Services translate for you

We work with our clients every step of the way from the analysis of the source text at conception through the successful delivery of a product which meets with your expectations. Terminology databases are formulated where necessary to ensure consistency of style and to save valuable time.

The style, formatting and accuracy of each text is checked as a final measure prior to delivery.

At the end of the day it is the positive client reaction, loyalty and our 95% sustained record of repeat business which is testament to the effectiveness of our quality control methods!


We undertake all specialized translations...


ü      Mining

ü      Construction

ü      Engineering

ü      Medical

ü      Legal

ü      Technical

ü      Financial

ü      Marketing

ü      Information Technology

ü      Business

ü      Engineering

ü      Literary


Confidentiality guaranteed....


All material entrusted to us is treated with complete confidentiality and confidentiality contracts can be signed prior to any work being carried out.

Why not contact us and see what we can do for you and your business.


All translations are overseen by highly experienced Project Managers, who harness the skills of professional mother tongue Translators through our ISO approved processes. Your own, dedicated Project Manager will work with you on your project to guarantee your complete satisfaction.


Lexus Translation Services

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